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Hair discolouration beware!
7/16/2019 8:09:06 AM
Many of you lovely people are getting lush new hair extensions before you go on holidays,  This is great however one thing particulary with blonde hair that can happen on holiday,  Just check out Amy from Love Islands copper mid length and ends.

So why does this happen?  Well, when you have your lovely new hair installed, has been coloured to match the suppliers colour ring.  Most hair because of where it is sourced, isnt the gorgouse ash blonde selection you get dellivered and is coloured using ash and violet pigments to squash any brassy nasty pigments.

So what happens when I go abroad on holiday? Hair extensions are more porous than you own hair..... So basically the hard water/salt water/chlorine/UV Light lifts the ash toner out of the hair extensions.

How do I fix this?  You can rectify this, you need to reapply the ash/violet pigments.  Your local hairdresser can do this.  

If this happens, it is NOT a manufacturing fault, its something to bear in mind if you have blonde extensions and are plainning on travelling abroad.  Malibu C have a range of products to help with this.

Thanks for reading

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