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How Long do Hair Extensions Last?
10/9/2017 1:50:35 PM
How long do different hair extensions last?  This is a question that I'm asked alot!  There is no deffinative answer for this!  Hair extensions will only last as long as their aftercare is good.

This means totally following the aftercare advise given..  Not following it, well, you will end up in a dry, knotty mess...

Follow the rules girls!
Hair Extensions and Sport
3/4/2017 5:30:59 PM
Today I visited a lovely lady that worked at the stables.  She wanted to know how best to look after your extensions when you exercise.  I suggested gently braiding her hair to minimise matting.  Washing her hair if she had got sweaty, with a gentle shampoo and brushing with a tangle teezer daily.  She loves her new hair, bless!  
10/4/2016 11:19:07 AM
I love a bit of postiveness! Thank you Hayley and Emily for your great feedback, so happy you like your hair!!!
Micro Rings
5/3/2016 1:24:40 PM
Should you have Micro Rings or Fusion Bond Hair Extensions?  This is a big decision!!  Well I guess that if you look at fusion bonds, they should typically only be in your hair for 3 months max, as your hair could get damaged if you leave them in longer.  Micro rings will last longer if you have regular maintenance appointments to move your hair up.  This will cost more however, so you will need to weigh up whether you want your hair to last long term, or if you just like them for a couple of months at a time.  Hope that helps!  hairextensionsbyanita xx
Washing Hair Extensions
4/21/2016 10:27:24 AM
How should I wash my hair extensions?
Hair Extension Care in the Summer
4/19/2016 11:03:06 AM
Well, what can I tell you about taking care of your hair in the summer? Firstly, try to keep them covered from the sun! Secondly, avoid swimming pools and swimming in the sea. if you can! Keep them lovely and supple by applying Moroccan Hair Oil and drying on a low heat.
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