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Aftercare Advice/ T's & C's
To get the best from your lovely new hair extensions, it's all about aftercare!  Please follow the advice given...
  • Use a soft natural bristle brush on your extensions once a day or a tangle teaser brush.  Hard brushes and combs could break the hairs on your extensions.
  • Use a gentle cleansing shampoo (herbal essences do a good one) and LOTS of conditioner. Try to avoid shampoo and conditioner that has Sodium Lauyrl Sulphante in it, this is used in garages to de-grease engines (Aussie 4 minute miracle hair is a good high street one).  Please avoid the bonds.  Your new Hair Extensions are not being fed via the scalp so need extra help to keep them looking lush!  There are lots of hair extension shampoos and conditioners on the market if you want to spend a little extra.
  • Wash and dry your hair a MAX of 3 times a week.  Blow dry your hair on a cool setting.  Brush your hair before washing and use a wide tooth comb to GENTLY detangle your hair.  Agressive brushing of wet hair extensions causes the hair to overstretch and spring back, causing matting and tangling problems in the future.  Gently seperate the bonds, this is especially important when they have grown out a bit, otherwise you may incurr matting issues.
  • Use a protien spray after washing and also on dry hair to feed it from within.  There are lots of good ones on the market for around £10.
  • Moraccan Hair oil loves extensions.  It is worth investing in a bottle of this product.  You only need a 10p size blob on your hair, before drying, and it will transform them to soft lovely locks.
  • The hair can also be dyed if wished, please bear in mind that any chemical treatment on the hair will dry the hair extensions.  Never try to lighten though,  bleaching will damage the hair.  Please do a strand test first.  Dying your own hair is at your own risk!!
  • With the platinum blonde hair extensions, please be careful of using products with colour in, as this can build up on the hair and change the colour.
  • Please try to come for your frre 1 month check.  I appreciate that you're busy wizzing around, but i cannot be responsible for your barnet's upkeep if you miss this!
  • Removal of your extensions by another hairdresser is done so at own risk.  If they are not qualified in extension removal, they wont be insured!

Good luck!!

Terms and Conditions
  • In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your new hair or you think there is problem with your hair extensions, I need to see them before you have washed them or applied any products to them.  I cannot guarantee any extensions after or if you have dyed or used other porducts that I have specified above. 

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